Friday, January 9, 2009

Lars offers insight from behind the scenes

What are your thoughts on the race so far?

It has been difficult; there are a lot of cars on the track and we have had problems with the steering and a punctured tyre. At the moment something has happened on the track; it must be a crash somewhere because the safety car is out and everyone has to drive slowly. I didn’t see what happened.

Have you been impressed with Lucas’s driving?

Yes, he is posting some fantastic times and coping well with the traffic, but it comes as no surprise to me because I know how good he is.

What have you been doing in the pit-lane to help out?

I’ve been sitting in the timing booth, recording Lucas’s lap times and reporting back to the mechanics. If a time is unusually slow it means that he has a problem and we need to find out what it is

It’s getting dark, does that present a new challenge for Lucas?

Night driving is different because you have bright lights approaching you from behind; it’s very difficult.

Is this the first endurance race you have been to?

I live in Bonn so I always try to see the endurance race at the Nürburgring. There’s a special atmosphere here in Dubai. It is very cold in Germany but here the sun is shining and everyone is having a great time.