Saturday, January 10, 2009

Good news travels fast

Lucas Ordóñez is really turning on the style here in Dubai. He completed his third driving session with another 2:11 minute lap to take the Nissan PlayStation team into 45th place overall and into the top ten of its class.

The eerie calm that surrounded the track a few hours ago as tiredness took grip - a far cry from the pandemonium that swarmed the starting grid - made it all the more impressive to watch the drivers pounding along the track relentlessly. But as the sun emerges and the end of the race draws nearer, everyone is suddenly refreshed.

With a podium finish now seeming impossible, the team will no doubt dwell on what might have happened had they not been hit by such bad luck during the first half of the race. They estimate that their 16 pit-stops have cost them as many as 60 laps. One thing that nobody can fault is the drivers; every one of them has been magnificent and still they are hungry for more.